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Dear colleagues and friends around the Pacific Rim regions

I am honoured to greet you as President of the Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists (PRCP) and look forward to continuing the work of my predecessor and those before him to enhance collaboration and knowledge exchange among colleagues and countries in the region.
We have a big job ahead as PRCP continues to play a leadership role in the reform of psychiatric care in the Pacific Rim: including support and advocacy for prevention, early intervention and recovery in collaboration with primary health care. The focus of the College is education and research, and in the years ahead, we anticipate reaching out to a broader network of colleagues and organisations, service users and family carers to build on this.
Our official journal, Asia Pacific Psychiatry (APPSY) is a key conduit for sharing research, evidence and experience. APPSY is now in its sixth year of publication and indexed by ISI Thomson and PubMed. It is rapidly becoming a voice for the region, complementing the role of several fine National Society journals.
I look forward to seeing you at our next biennial Scientific Meeting in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, November 4-6, 2016. Prof Mian-Yoon Chong and colleagues are working with us to produce a special event.
In the meantime I am confident that 2015 and 2016 offer us many opportunities to further our research, strengthen our networks, and build our reputation as a thought leader in Asia. I look forward to it!
Helen Herrman
Melbourne, Australia