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Dear colleagues and friends around the Pacific Rim regions

It is a great pleasure and honor for me to greet you as a president of the Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists (PRCP). The PRCP is an association of international psychiatric societies with the aim of increasing knowledge and skills necessary for work in the field of mental health and the care for the mentally ill. The Pacific Rim region contains diverse countries with various socio-economic condition and cultural issue. The members of PRCP are always seeking the way to promote best practice in mental health care and academic achievement in psychiatric research through exchange of information, current evidence and practical experience in the context of culture and country-specific situation.

I'd like to introduce our official journal of the PRCP. Asia-Pacific Psychiatry is an international psychiatric journal focused on the Asia and Pacific Rim region. Asia-Pacific Psychiatry aimed to enable psychiatric and other mental health professionals in the region to share their research, education programs and clinical experience with a larger international readership.

I also look forward to seeing all of you at the PRCP 2014 Scientific Meeting to be held in Vancouver, Canada from 5 to 7 Oct 2014. We hope that you would enjoy all the activities and sessions in the conference.

Yours sincerely,
Min-Soo Lee, President of PRCP (2012-2014)