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Past President's Message

It is encouraging to note that PRCP has grown in size and stature over the past 30 years. At the first 1982 scientific meeting in Manila, only a small group of psychiatrists were present. The 2012 Seoul meeting saw the largest number of participants (over 2000) from not just around the Pacific-Rim also from west Asia, Europe and Africa. The number of symposia and posters on display far exceeded our expectations. The collaboration between the Korean organizing committee and the PRCP Board is laudable.

At Seoul we discussed our Key Performance Indicators ( KPI ) like training /education in skill development, including clinical expertise, service improvement and leadership training of young psychiatrists. Another KPI is to encourage more research publications from developing countries for the Asia-Pacific Psychiatry journal. The editorial board had suggested thematic issues like 'child psychiatry', 'dementia', ethics and 'forensic psychiatry'.

With the economic growth around the Pacific, this decade heralds opportunities for PRCP to engage and connect with mental health colleagues around and within the Pacific-Rim. We hope PRCP can be a centripetal force which brings academics and non-academics together to discuss new research and training programmes that will improve mental healthcare in the region.

Professor Kua Ee Heok
President, PRCP (2010-2012)

10 November, 2012